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Belinda has been involved for 5 years working on the family tree to pass down to her children and grandchildren and .... In doing so, she has come up with the idea for at least 4 more books! One, a book of her family line, another of Steve's family line, a historical fiction novel using the stories she has found in her family research and another history and how it-blends in-with-our-family book for the younger chidren. Whew! Now to get busy!! Update 10-2014: Well, I got busy and finished the Gill side and the Harris side. Also, I have several novel scene ideas sketched out. There is a link down a little ways and on the right side to my new Children's book, The Treasue of Blacksher, Georgia. Now, to take a break for the holidays and get busy again in January, God willing. Jan update: I am now working on Steve's lines.

If you would be interested in having one of these family books for your research, please go to Butterfly Musings at the link above and contact me.

UPDATE for June 2016 ~~~~~~ I finished the novel "Satilla Secrets" and the children's book "The Treasure of Blackshear, Georgia". They are now available on Amazon and other online bookstores as well as locally in stores in Blackshear Georgia.

Steve and Belinda Jo Adams' happenings.

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Belinda is working on her Genealogy. A gift for her decendants. You can read the treasures she found here. Our favorite links. We homeschooled for 8 and a half years. This is a book about our experiences. We also have worked with and been friends with deaf people for most of our lives. This a page of interest to deaf people and interpreters. Treasure of North Pole, Alaska is a children's book I wrote in 2003 while living in North Pole, Alaska. Treasure of Blackshear, Georgia is a children's book I wrote in 2014 while living in Blackshear.

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We are standing in 4 states: Utah, Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona.

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"For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life." John 3:16

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