Netherlands (Holland) Photos

Keukenhof Gardens (more on its own page) An Old Fashioned Windmill Haarlam
Amsterdam Olympic stadium in Amsterdam Houseboats in Amsterdam
Venlo, Netherlands An ivy house in Venlo

We were trying to use photos without us in them. But, the ones below are Madurodam, showing Holland in Miniature. You need to see the sizes compared to our sizes. The place was a representation of Holland 1/25th in size. Madurodam web site

Madurodam: Holland in Miniature Madurodam: Holland in Miniature Castle
The Dutch Girl was not minature. She was at the entrance.

We never did see Anne Frank's House in Amsterdam. But, we did see it here.

Windmill Dutch Girl Madurodam web site

We hope you enjoyed looking at the photos of Netherlands.

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Photos taken by Steve and Belinda Jo Adams