Brand New Day

I wake up in the morning. I lie still and realize itís a brand new day and Iím alive to enjoy it! ~~~~~~~~~~~ Good morning, Lord.

I take a deep breath and know I have my health. even with itís aches and pains I can get out of bed! ~~~~~~~~~~~ Thank you, God.

I go through the day with the protection of a guardian angel to keep me safe from harm. ~~~~~~~~~~~ I praise You, my Creator.

My needs are supplied and my wants channeled to his perfect desires for my life. ~~~~~~~~~~~ Jehovah Jirah!

I have love of family and friends. the care we show for each other radiates his supreme love. ~~~~~~~~~~~ I love you, God

I lie down at nighttime after another gracious gift Of a brand new day and I softly whisper, ~~~~~~~~~~~ Good night, Father.

Belinda Jo Adams