Eifel Area of Germany Photos

Windmills Village in a Valley a field of dandolines
Woolworth in Prum a church in Prum a church in Eschfeld ** click to see inside

Himmerod Abbey Bitburg Strasse Bollendorf entrance sign
foggy valley forest around Bitburg Strasse Bollendorf exit sign
Germany's only geyser Irrel Waterfalls Irrel Wasserfalls
Malberg Mousetrap Museum Orchidarium
a railroad tunnel a train station a Sculpture place
underground WWII bunker underground WWII bunker a beautiful sunrise
Schokoladenmuseum Chocolate Museum Yellow Fields

village and fields along B51 from Trier -- a little foggy, but we don't get a chance to be stopped in a traffic jam too often for a good photo shot.
a Bitburg sunset -- setting over a neighboring village

We hope you enjoyed looking at the photos of the Eifel Area of Germany.

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Photos taken by Steve and Belinda Jo Adams