haiku by Belinda Jo Adams

haiku is a 3-line poem of syllables: 1st line has 5 syllables: 2nd line has 7 syllables: 3rd line has 5 syllables. It is usually about nature. Originated in Japan.

The storm is over

Water on the spider's web

Like diamonds sparkle

Two doe and a buck

Standing still in the meadow

Graceful and serene

A world of color

Especially for us all

Created by God

Wild flowers around

Our town making the roads

Alive with color

Lamplight on the snow

Showing sparkles in the white

Like glitter sprinkled

Old tree full of fruit

Heavy limbs touching the ground

My Granny’s pear tree

It has rained all week

Keeping all under shelter

Yet, the birds still sing

Robins squabbling

Over a territory

Both birds flew away

Clouds float in the sky

In my mind I see objects

Do you see them, too?

haiku written while living in Alaska

Many shades of green

From the grass to the treetops

Colors the landscape

Fog on the river

Ghost-like moving down the stream

Clears with the sunshine

Bright green aurora

Waving in the solar breeze

Floats across the sky

Ice is thawing now

The river will flow freely

Spring is here again

Munching the dry leaves

Of trees by a frozen stream

A moose at Christmas

Alaskan wild rose

Throughout the forest abounds

Pink blossoms arrayed

Beautiful to see

The seasons of Alaska

Sometimes, even four!

Stately Denali

Rising above Alaska

Ghostlike in the clouds

Peeking through the grass

Delicate little flowers

I almost missed them!

The bright noonday sun

Hanging on the horizon

Glaring in my eyes

Clean, crisp, white, frosty

Overnight blanket of snow

Winter came in fall

Ambling along

A black bear out and about

By the Parks Highway

A nip is in the air

Foliage of orange, red, yellow

Winter will come soon

Vivid bright colors

A mallard in the river

Floating lazily

The forest fire blazed

Acres of trees burning bright

But grows green again

The first day of spring

came and went unnoticed

It is still snowing

Days and days of rain

Sunshine on the horizon

Hope for a clear day

The colors of fall

Such a glorious array

Only for a few weeks

haiku can also be of other subjects.

A new day is here

A clean slate for you to fill

Walk through it with God

Simple things in life

Can give you the greatest joy

If you will let them

Grammie’s Crazy Quilt

Sewed with delicate stitching

Beautiful to see

Hidden little notes

Help keep the romance alive

As the years go by.

A group of people

Walking among the tombstones

Honoring the dead

Mothers and Daughters

Though their ways and thoughts differ

Still a special bond

of course, one of my favorite subjects are our grandchildren.

A new grandbaby

Special gift from God above

Pray he lives in peace

A lively grandson

Full of fun and excitement

A pleasure to see

A new granddaughter

Her smile brightens the world

Bringing joy to us

A brand new grandson

First year of this century

May he see the next!

Another grandson is born

The total now is three

O what a joy!

A new baby girl

Erica's little sister

So special to know.