Information on the John J. Little Family.

A petition of John J. Little to the county of Wayne, Georgia for, it looks like, homestead exemption. In it is listed his belongings and value of each in 1886. I transcribed them to the best of my understanding of the wording and old time writing. If you see something you don't agree with contact me at: bjadams_51 (at) hotmail (dot) com

my transcription of the above pages. Transcribed by Belinda Jo Harris Adams (2nd great granddaughter of John J. Little) May 15, 2012

(not clear) = I could not read the word. (?) = the previous word, I think is correct. [] = explains an abbreviation.

Georgia Wayne County To the Ordinary of said county. The petition of John J. Little, a resident of said County, - shows that he is the head of a family consisting of himself, his wife Annis J. E. little about 42 years old February 1886 and four children to wit. Anna C. Little 13 years old in August 1885. Alexander Little 11 years old in September 1885 Earnest L. Little 4 years old in April 1886 and Laura J. Little 2 years old in November 1885. and that he desires under the Constitution of Georgia and the statutes in (not clear) thereto petitioner desires to have exempted all set apart the personal property embraced in (?) schedule A. here unto attached to which reference is made of a part of this his petition said schedule contains a minute and accurate description of all the personal property belonging to your petitioner. Schedule B contains a correct list of the names and posts offices of the creditors of your petitioner. Petitioner (?) further shows that said homestead exemption is carved out of the property of your petitioner. Your petitioner prays (?) that the usual citation and notice in such cases may issue and be published as required by law and your petitioner will ever pray (?) S. R. Harris Petitioner's Attorney. Signed by John J. Little using an X as his mark.

Schedule A -- personal property One bay mare 18 years old $73.00 (or $23.00) One 2-year old horse(not clear) colored sorrel $30.00 One sorrel colored horse colt 21 days old $20.00 Twenty-two head of stock cattle marked. Crop and two splits in one (not clear) and uper. Square and the hole in the other are $800 (not clear) $176 Twenty-two head of stock hogs marked in the same manner of the cattle above stated $44.00 One lot of farming implements consisting of (not clear) 2 hoes, one grubben hoe one shovel plow and stock one scooter plow one have eagle plow and stock. one aul (?) club ox. All of said implements of (not clear) value $4.00. One lot of household and kitchen furniture consisting of one feather bed $5.00 Two wool mattresses $8.00 one bedstead $2.00 about eight bed quilts $16.00 Eight white sheets $3.20 three (not clear) tables $3.00 nine chairs of (?) cowhide bottoms and four homemade chairs $4.50 three pots.2 Baking spiders and 2 ovens $3.00 44.70 One double barrel shotgun were $6.00 About thirty head of chickens $.5.00 About twenty three head of geese $11.50 four bee hives of bees $4.00 50 gallons syrup 35 cts a = $17.50 one-half barrel brown sugar $4.00

List of creditors James H Sapp J. Wilkinson J. F. Chapman Sr. (?) Post Office O'Brien, Georgia Brunswick, Georgia Mt. Pleasant, Georgia

Georgia Wayne County In person comes before the undersigned John J. Little who on oath says that the statements contained in the foregoing petition are true that the schedule contained a minute and accurate description of all the personal property owned by applicant said that the list of creditors thereto attached is complete and their post offices correctly given so far as they are known to applicant. Sworn and subscribed to before me this May the 11th 1886 R.B. Hopps Ordinary Wayne Co. Ga. [County Georgia] Signed by John J. Little using an X as his mark. (not clear) published and written notice mailed to James A Sapp and J. Wilkerson as required by law this 11th day of May 1886. R.B. Hopps Ordinary Georgia Wayne County Personally came before the undersigned John J. Little who upon oath that he has given notice in writing personally to J. F. Chapman Sr. of the filing of his application for homestead and exemption and of the day of hearing the same and that said notice were served by him on the 12th day of May 1886 Sworn and subscribed to before me this May the 11th 1886 R.B. Hopps Ordinary Signed by John J.Little using an X as his mark. Petition of John J. Little Filed in office this May 11, 1886 R.B. Hopps Ordinary W.C. Ga. Ordinary officer approved June 7, 1886 R.B. Hopps Ordinary S.R. Harris Petitioner's Atty. at Law. Recorded June 7, 1886 O.T. Littlefield deputy clerk secretary (?).

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