Lost and Found Photos.

These are photos I found at yard sales or other places. I decided to place them here so if others see them and know the people and want to copy the photo they can, for their personal album. I am looking to help others find lost photos. That is why I named it Lost and Found Photos. I am making an attempt to type in what seems to be written on the back of the photos. Sometimes, it is hard to decipher the handwriting, so we may have to decipher how the names are really spelled.

Heirlooms Reunited. A good site you can go to to find discovered items. This is where I found photos of my husband's grandfather that we had not seen before. And, of course, got the idea for this page ... and she gave her approval!!

CONTACT INFORMATION. I am sorry to do it this way, but because of privacy: Use my first name, then @ to my web page address. All lower case letters. Thank you.

I found this photo in a frame I bought at a yardsale in Backshear, Georgia. Of course, the photo could be of anyone, anywhere. There are no clues on the back. I let it pass around at Gill Hill, but they did not know who he was.

These photos I found at a estate sale in Fernandina, Florida in 2010 or 2011.

photo by: F. L. Bassett (if I read it right) in Augusta, Georgia. No names of the family. Nothing noted about this photo.
This photo reads: Geo. Gorkwood ______ Brant. I assume the Geo is George. I cannot read any of the writing on the back of this photo, but it is a post card.
Addie Kinard: wife of Miles inard of Statesboro, Ga. and her sister. Annie Kearse - Wife - Roberson and Clarence Kearse.
M. L. Kinard (or Kinaid) -- Statesboro, Ga. Mr. Monroe Kinard -- no name for the woman.
Lee (or Gee) Ayers Jasper Ayer
The writing looks like Mary B?????????? Young. This is WJAK power house in Marion, Indiana. No name for the man.\

These photos came in the same bundle where I found the people photos in Fernandina, Florida in 2010 or 2011.

Capotola, California. A view from Monterey Avenue. Maybe 1960s??
Looks like an Army band, but not sure, being it is a bit blurry.
Willoughby's Store. If it is the same store, it was started in 1898 and is still there today in NYC

We hope you enjoyed looking at the Lost and Found Photos and maybe found your kin!

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