Shiloh Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery Photos

Latitude: 31.325058, Longitude: -82.224771

Shiloh Primitive Baptist Church was the first church in Pierce County, Georgia has been used since the 1830's. Both sets of my grandparents went here to church and are buried in the graveyard, along with many more of my relatives.
Lewis Jackson Harris Jr. AKA Jackie. My brother. He died at age 2 and a half of spinal meningitis. Because of our parents' divorce and re-marriages, we now have 11 more siblings. This photo is of me sitting beside Jackie's grave. And a photo of him. A photographer put them together as one photo in a frame. Something special back then. Now, it is done so much it is no big deal.
Daniel Robert Gill and Ethel Elma Little Gill. Our maternal grandparents. Martin T. Harris and Lelia Jane Tatum Harris. Our paternal grandparents.
William Henry Tatum and Annie Belle Davis Tatum. Our paternal great-grandparents.
Our paternal 2nd great-grandparents. Parents of Annie Belle Davis.
I don't know which David Cason this stone represents. I have a grandfather and his son, both in the Civil War. Probably this grave is for the son.
Lewis and Elizabeth Mixon Thomas are my maternal 3rd great-grandparents. James is father of Lewis which makes him my 4th great-grandfather on my mother's side.
Josh O'Steen and Evelyn Harris O'Steen. Aunt and uncle J.W. O'Steen and Azilee Harris O'Steen. Aunt and uncle Martin T. Harris Jr. and Betty Harris. Uncle and aunt

I have only featured some of my kin on this page, so far. Gotta go walking around in the graveyard some more! I do have photos of some of the other graves if you would like a copy, contact me at my writing blog.

For more information about these graves, you can go to for the Shiloh PBC Cemetery.

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