The Ship Anne and The Heyer Family
The Anne - In 1732, the Anne sailed to America carrying the first 144 colonists -- about forty families -- to the new colony of Georgia. The Anne was a 200-ton British galley, 87 feet long and 26 feet wide. As I envision 144 people plus the crew, I think of my home which is 40 feet long and 27 feet wide, then try to see all those people aboard just twice that amount of space. Then to imagine the 2 month voyage across an ocean to an unknown land! Wow.
Trying to imagine my ancestors on that boat.
The Ship Anne. A view to show the size of the people and boat.

Photos taken at the Ships of the Sea Maritime Museum in Savannah, Georgia.

The Heyer family came from Pfalzgrafenweiler, Germany. They boarded a ship and sailed for America. They touched at Cowes, Isle of Wright, England and landed at Charles Town (Charleston), South Carolina in October 1751. John Jacob (Hans Jakob) Heyer paid for his family's way over and petitioned Governor James Glen for land in the name of King George II - 300 acres. With him were his wife, Mary, and four children: Michael, Christopher, Godfrey, and John. Coming later, were John George and Jacob. {Jacob is my ancestry line that connects to my Harris family.}

Upon further refection on my part, I wonder if it is the same boat, Anne. Why? Because of the size and the 322 passengers on board. It is hard to imagine that many people in that amount of space. Of course, half were children. It is also 20 years after the other trek of The Ship Anne that brought the first immigrants to America. Any input, let me know if I am wrong (or right)! Until then, I will assume it is the same ship.

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There is an article about the Heyer family in “Pioneers of Wiregrass Georgia” by Mr. Huxford in Volume 10 pages 204-205.

More information for the Hiers Family. (Hair, Hayr, Heyer)

A Historical marker for the first Heyer family in America.

A PDF file of the first Heyer family in America.

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