Headstone Collection

These are at The Jones Creek Baptist Church in Ludowici, Long County, Georgia, USA. GPS Coordinates: Latitude: 31.75604, Longitude: -81.81150

Tree-stump Tombstones They are in the shape of a lifelike tree which is carved out of limestone or marble. This one is for : T. J. Harrington, Jr. Birth: Mar. 4, 1888 - Death: Jun. 12, 1913 = age 25

This type of tombstone first appeared in the 1870's and was popular for about 60 years. The tree-stump design represents the person died young, maybe leaving no descendants. Branches are also seen to be cut-off close to the stump. The tree stump can also be trimmed with flowers or ivy.

Note: The Woodmen of the World also have tombstones similar to these, but they will have their club name on them. When I first learned about the tombstones, I saw one in NC. But, then, all I saw were the WofW ones. I believe the one above must represent the first version. Note, also, that the photo beside it is the family plot with 2 baby boy graves with little stumps. There is a girl baby on each side (I only got the shadow of one -- the sun was bright).

Here we have 2 graves with women's names and the words 'consort of' The first one is the oldest in this cemetery.

Note: conĚsort = 1. noun - a wife, husband, or companion. 2. verb habitually be with someone, most likely with the disapproval of others. ex. "he chose to consort with the enemy". So, these women may have been married or his good friend, sweetheart ... or not.

These are four tombstones with different designs on them that were popular in the 1800s.

Sandiford Delk Jan. 3, 1875 - Jun. 5, 1909 // Amanda Elizabeth Parker Hughes 1853 - 1885 // Henrietta V. Smith 1853 - 1899 // Mamie C. Morrison 1867 - 1913

This one brought tears to my eyes for this loving couple. Each baby was a year or two apart. NOTE: I shall have to go back and make sure this was all one couple and not an epidemic or something, but I believe they were all Delks. I do see 8 Delk infants listed on findagrave, but there are 14 graves.

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