Welcome to Belinda Adams' Genealogy Page.

I hope this page will help you in your search for your family past. I shall try to add links as I research my own family.

I found a lot of this information from family files. I also used The Thomas Books, Pioneers of Wiregrass, Pierce County Books, Huxford Library in Homerville, Ga., and findagrave.com. I am now in the process of reviewing it all and putting in footnotes to prove what is true and take out what is not. After my time at ancestry.com was up, I discovered many more places out there to find information. There are a lot of free e-books of history about towns at the beginning of our USA history. I found them by accident when typing in grandparents' names to research them. UPDATE 3_2014 I finished each surname of my family line and now plan to put them all together in a book as I review them to be sure all is correct! 2015 [Taking a break to write a novel while all that info is still in my mind and thoughts.]

Our Family Trees

Belinda's Favorite Genealogical Links

Information on the first ship to bring immigrants to Georgia, USA. And information about the Johan Jakob Hayr Sr.(John Jacob Heyer) Family.

The Ship Anne and The Heyer Family.
Trail of Tears & Indian Removal Info.

Our Kin in the Civil War

Cemeteries of our ancestors.

John James Little and Annis Jane Elizabeth Loper Little

Dana Herbert Robbins and Edith May Deane Robbins

Confederate Park in Waynesville, Georgia

R. S. Grave dedication of Jacob Highsmith

Remembering our ancestors on Memorial Day.

Jones Creek Baptist Church

Belinda's Genealogical Links

I have been working on our family tree seriously for 2 years, but playing around with it for many years. I was blessed to have information given to me by people who had researched in the past, for both sides of our family. My husband's and mine. When I started in 2010, I started out with their information and Ancestry.com. After my subscription expired, and needing to take a break, I did so and rested. Then, I started doing name searches in Goodsearch and found lots more infomation. I am now wanting to share what I have learned with you. Mostly, what I will share is links that have helped me personally.

If you want to do more investigating, you can go to Cyndi's List Cyndi has been researching for lots of years and has many links for you to explore.

Helpful Links

In 2015, while at a cemetery with none of my kin in it, I took photos of interesting graves, so here is link to the page I made. I hope to add to them as time goes on.

Finding Interesting Graves.

*****A very useful site for*********Wiregrass Genealogy****** looking for ancestors in the Wiregrass!*****************Huxford Genealogy Society

Roots Web**************Genealogy.com

**************Ancestry Magazine at Google.com

Find A Grave If you want to find an ancestor's grave, try here.**************///////////

Ancestry.com is where I started my search in 2010. I bought their program and it came with 6 months free search. Actually, I had a lot of research from my husband's grandmother and aunt on his side and on my side from a cousin who had researched. Ancestry confirmed most of that research and then I added more.

Ancestry.com Wiki **************Ancestry.com Sticky Notes

Not quite sure what these other Ancestry.com sites are yet, but they sounded interesting.

By Nationality

Free Irish eBooks**************///////////

/// Lost and Found Photos ///This is a page I put together of photos I found at a yard sale. Two had the same last name as on my husband's tree, so I bought the whole package for those 2 pictures (that I don't even know are his kin or not!) But, I thought maybe others might find their kin on the page.

/// Indian Removal and Trail of Tears History ///I made this page, because doing my family research, I have found out that I and my husband, most likely, have Inidan in our history.

Last updated: 9-2015


We hope you enjoyed the information about geneaology and what I have dicovered.

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Photos taken by Steve and Belinda Jo Adams