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I hope this page will help you in your search for your family past. I shall try to add links as I research my own family. If you can use any of the information on this page, it is fine with me if you do so in your personal search of your family history. So many people have helped me I don't mind sharing what I have found. I do, however, request that you let me know by contacting me. You can use my first name and belindajo.com /// Hey, maybe we are cousins! Thank you, Belinda Jo Adams

I have worked on my family tree off and on for most of my life. But, for the last several years, I have been very serious about it. And, not to just follow trails with no backing, but having proof for anything I put in print. So, now I am ready to start sharing with you my findings. PLEASE READ THE INTRODUCTION. It has lots of information and explanations for what is included in my trees.

I found out researching a family tree is not quite so simple as I thought. The family tree became a family forest! So, I have divided it up into eight trees -- one for each of our grandparents. I will show how the person connects to each of us, then there will be the link to two PDF files for you to look at. The 1st one is the Family Pedigree file of that person; The 2nd one is their Family Story. The 3rd one is their Family Tree.

I updated the Harris / Tatum side AND the Gill / Little side in 2018.

NOTE: These 8 ancestors only represent 32 of the surnames that we have. Each of their mothers bring in another line, etc, etc, etc. If you are interested in any of the other 'further-back' surnames, contact me and I will share what I have. My research changes and is added to much too often for me to keep them linked here.

CONTACT INFORMATION. See above photo. Thank you. Here is a list of ALL the surnames I have researched.


Daniel Robert Gill is Belinda's maternal grandfather.Wife: Ethel Elma Little
Pedigree Chart for Daniel Robert Gill Daniel Robert Gill story Daniel Robert Gill Family Tree Picture

Ethel Elma Little is Belinda's maternal grandmother.Husband: Daniel Robert Gill
Pedigree Chart for Ethel Elma Little Ethel Elma Little story Ethel Elma Little Family Tree Picture

Martin T Harris is Belinda's paternal grandfather.Wife: Lelia Jane Tatum
Pedigree Chart for Martin T Harris Martin T Harris story Martin T Harris Family Tree Picture

Lelia Jane Tatum is Belinda's paternal grandmother.Husband: Martin T Harris
Pedigree Chart for Lelia Jane Tatum Lelia Jane Tatum story Lelia Jane Tatum Family Tree Picture

Donald Elmer Adams is Steve's paternal grandfather.Wife: Dorris Ethel Robbins
Pedigree Chart for Donald Elmer Adams Donald Elmer Adams story

Dorris Ethel Robbins is Steve's paternal grandmother.Husband: Donald Elmer Adams
Pedigree Chart for Dorris Ethel Robbins Dorris Ethel Robbins story

I have done much work on the following 4 lines, but not updated it here, yet. I plan to do so later this year, if you want to check for updates later, save this page as a favorite. There are, indeed, a LOT of discoveries to share!

Thomas Edgar Searing Lindsley is Steve's maternal grandfather.Wife: Vera Louise Collins
Pedigree Chart for Thomas Edgar Searing Lindsley Thomas Edgar Searing Lindsley story

Vera Louise Collins is Steve's maternal grandmother.Husband: Thomas Edgar Searing Lindsley
Pedigree Chart for Vera Louise Collins Vera Louise Collins story

Our family tree would be longer and more involved if not for the missing information as in our unknown grandmothers and their ancestors.

PDF File listing our unknown grandmothers.


Our family tree has over 4000 names in it. And, I did not include most of the children of the grandparents way back. I focused on our line to save time and energy. I did find that we have many surnames that are common in the north and south. My husband is from the North and I am from the South. I have not found a common link for our ancestors so far! Though, the immigrants did come to America all along the coast. Sometimes families went in either dirction. So, probably back in the 'old country' our kin did, at least, know each other ... and maybe here in America, also. Above is a PDF file of our surnames.

Remember that a family tree is never finished. As I gather more information, I will update this. If you have any questions, corrections or input, you can contact me using the address below. Thank you.

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