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Memorial Day is a federal holiday in the United States of America when we remember people who died while serving in the country's armed services. We celebrate it the last Monday of May. It used to be called Decoration Day. Various states in the South celebrate the day on different dates. Later, North & South again merged this tradition and now Memorial Day is to honor all Americans who died while in the military service.

Joseph, son of Stephen Weston and Hannah Flagg, was born in Concord, MASS, 7 Mar 1732. About 1769, he moved to Lancaster and later to Maine. He was one of the first pioneer settlers of that part of Old Canaan; now Skowhegan, Maine. In the autumn of 1775, an expedition led by Colonel Benedict Arnold arrived in their part of Maine. Col. Arnold was under orders from General George Washington to attempt to capture Quebec City. The army of about 1200 men arrived in Skowhegan 4 Oct 1775. Joseph Weston volunteered himself and two of his sons (Eli & William) along with a pair of oxen to help the soldiers and their boats and supplies cross the falls at Skowhegan Island. This was known as one of the " The Great Carrying Places". It took about two weeks more for the army to go upriver to reach Norridgewock Falls (now Madison, Maine). Joseph suffered a severe chill from exposure to the elements on his way home and died of a bad cold and fever 16 Oct. Weston was among the first American patriots to give his life for the new nation. He was 43 years old and left behind a wife and 9 children. Though Joseph did not 'join the army' he is listed as one whose descendents can use him for membership in the D.A.R. for his service to our country.

Joseph Weston Jr. later joined the army and fought for freedom.

Joseph Weston is Steve's 6th g-grandfather on his father's side. This line leads down to the Burns Family who married into the Adams.

I got the information from the book Old Towns Norridgewock and Cannan Maine AND from the pages below. You can read more at their sites.

Skowhegan, Maine

The Canaan, Somerset County, MEGenWeb Project Site

Skowhegan Falls before the dams


William Dowling, son of Robert Dowling and unknown woman, was born abt 1750 in Augusta, Virginia, USA. William Dowling served in the Revolutionary war and died for the freedom of the USA. After William and his family settled on the Little Salkehatchee in S.C., war broke out with England. William responded to the call, but did not join the regulars as his father Robert did. Instead, he and his brother, James joined the Swampfox with General Fransis Marion. William was undoubtedly a "shirt-sleeve" patriot (one who did not always take time to wear his uniform). His name is not on the official list of Marion's men. The infamous British General Tarlton ordered his Tory parties to take no prisoners from among the zealot patriots. William's name was on the list. A British raiding party murdered him in his yard. In the book, History of Bamberg County , it says when William opened his door the men shot him.

His son, Jabez (our line) was about 12 years old when he watched the British raiding party murder his father.

William Dowling is Belinda's 5th g-grandfather on her father's side. This line leads down 4 generations to Sarah E. Dowling who married Martin L. Harris and they are her great-grandparents.

We hope you enjoyed the information about Memorial Day and our ancestors we remember ... now that we know about them because of my genealogy research!

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