Poetry by Belinda Jo Adams

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God’s Hug

The warmth of the sun

And coolness of the breeze

Wrapping around you

Is like God giving you

A soft, gentle hug.


Learning poetry is confusing

As I daily sit here musing.

Rhythm and rhymes,

Meter and lines,

I think it’s brain abusing!

Crushed Lives

Treasures of the sea crushed under my feet

A closer look reveals many are whole

Just waiting to be found

A world full of lives crushed by anxiety

A closer look reveals many are whole

Trusting God where love abounds.

The Beach

Basking in the sun.

Enjoying the fresh salt air.

Admiring the view.

Collecting seashells.

Having fun with friends.

A Smile

Brightens days

Cheers others

Refreshes spirits

Lightens burdens

Gives joy

Pleases God

Insecurities And Quirks

We all have our insecurities and quirks

So, instead of giving reprimands or smirks

Flash a smile of understanding

To each person in passing

And hand out emotional perks!

This Moment In Time

I should not worry about my past

About things I should have done.

I should not fret about the future

About things that might happen.

For God alone can forgive our failures.

He, alone, knows what is ahead.

This day – No, this moment in time

Is mine to be the best I can for Him.

Light shining in the window.

What light is on outside?


Our world wrapped in a golden reds.

My Bible

A peacefulness is mine as I read Thy word.

For its strength is my shield and my sword.

Against the attacks of Satan as he tries to destroy my life

Filling it with confusion, worry, doubt, and strife.

But, I go to my Holy Bible and find help in its pages

As others have down through the ages.

Warm Weather

Warm weather is finally here.

Open the windows and doors.

With grateful hearts, let us pray,

“Let cold weather be no more!”

Until hot August is here

With hot weather we can’t stand.

Then together we all reply,

“Some cool weather would be grand!”

God's Face

When I see God's face all I see is love

His love expressed in may ways

A love that gives us strength or

Chastens us when we go astray

A desiring love, wanting companionship

Heartrending love when the ones He created fell

Chastening love when He had to punish them

Abiding love, showing the way back to Him

Promising love, for a Savior would come

Redeeming love when Jesus arose from the dead

Rejoicing love as each person accepts His free gift

Rapturous love when He comes for His own!

My Parents

My parents were good to me

Although at the time I did not see

They made me obey

And walk the right way

Loving admonition was the key!


God’s Son ~~~ Left Heaven

Virgin born ~~~ Worked hard

Grew up ~~~ Taught people

Trained disciples ~~~ Helped others

Died alone ~~~ Rose again

In Heaven ~~~ Preparing places

Only Savior ~~~ Loves me!


There once was a man named Jesus

He came to this world to live with us

People nailed Him to a cross,

But, the grave suffered loss,

For He rose again to redeem us!

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